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'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho to Part Soon?

October 02, 2012 02:52 AM EDT

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Kim Hee Sun finally solved the mystery of his diary and signaled the parting of the lovesick couple.

On the Monday episode of "Great Doctor," Eun Soo wakes up from her poisoned state and tells Choi Young that she solved the problem in her diary. She says that the door to the time portal will open a month from then and says that if she doesn't go back then, it opens again 67 years later. When hearing this, Choi Young silently holds her hand and the two don't need words to understand that their time to part will be soon. 

The episode also showed Eun Soo retracing her memory in her feverish state and in the jumbled memory, Eun Soo was shown wearing traditional Koryo clothes, treating children and kissing the forehead of Choi Young who seemed to be dead. She also saw herself writing a 'To Eun Soo' letter on the back of her diary in the dream and asks Choi Young about the last page of the notebook, which meant that the diary was still the key to many of the last portions of the story.

On the other hand, Duk Heung wants to become king with Eun Soo as his queen and Ki Chul wants to acquire more power using Eun Soo and Jo Il Shin also wants to start a revolt with King Gong Min's armies. It's a mystery whether Choi Young and Eun Soo will be able to arrive at the portal in time even when so many events are happening.

Many viewers said, "It was so riveting!" "What do the scenes from her dreams mean?" "The romance made me want to cry out!"

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