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Kim Jang Hoon-Suh Kyung Duk Posts Big Scale Poster in New York Times Square

October 04, 2012 03:10 PM EDT

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Singer Kim Jang Hoon and PR expert Suh Kyung Duk began putting up big scale posters in New York to raise awareness about Japan and the Korean women that worked as sex slaves during World War 2.

The poster theme is 'DO YOU REMEMBER' and will be posted around New York Times Square for about 3 months.

The poster shows a picture of German chancellor Willy Brandt , who helped with reconciliation of Europe. The message states that the women of Korea still have not received a formal apology of what happened to them during World War 2.

Suh Kyung Duk commented, "This issue of what happened to the Korean women is becoming a worldwide issue. We decided to post these in Times Square because we knew that many people would see it and quite possibly raise awareness about the issue."

They also used Willy Brandt's picture to remind people of his heroic act and for people to remember to be someone that is strong.

Kim Jang Hoon and Suh Kyung Duk are working on other forms of advertisement to post in Europe as well as a video ad to be released on CNN and BBC.

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