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Elders React to "Gangnam Style" [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | October 05, 2012 02:32 AM EDT

Last month, TheFineBros released "Teens React to 'Gangnam Style'" where a group of teens were asked to watch "Gangnam Style" and answer a few questions regarding their reactions afterwards. The video became one of the most viewed videos for TheFineBros with a total of 15 million views including the bonus footage.

Due to the popularity of Psy's "Gangnam Style" and the flooded requests, TheFineBros took the requests into consideration and came back with "Elders React to 'Gangnam Style'". The format of the video is similar to the "Teens React..." one, but this time it's the elders who are doing the reactions.

The Elders' reaction to Psy and his hit song were nothing but positive. They even danced, and complimented Psy and the future for international music.

Watch the video below as it will definitely guarantee a smile on your face!

YouTubers commented on the video saying, "Wow the feedback is way more positive than what i thought. Go American elders!", "All of the elders are wonderful. What a great episode!", "The lady in pink is awesome" expressing the positive view on the reaction video.

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