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Celebrities' Failed Performances Due To Psy?

October 06, 2012 11:14 AM EDT

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Apparently there are several sad celebrities because of Psy's performances. / Credit: twitter

Apparently there are several sad celebrities because of Psy's performances. 

Psy had a free concert in front of Seoul City Hall on Thursday and had 80,000 audience members. 

Psy has been making an issue with the historic free concert, but there are also celebrities who were sad that attracted internet users' attention. 

UV's guitarist Go Tae Young's tweet, on Twitter on Thursday, "Psy's free concert made it to the news and there's many articles about it, but no one knows about our free concert. Show me the power of SNS~." Yoo Se Yoon tweeted back, "Psy is popular so he gives a free concert, we failed so ours is free," and and made netizens laugh.  

Yoo Se Yoon previously said, "the tickets weren't selling, our concert failed. I'm sorry, but we will still be performing on Saturday and Sunday at 6 PM, at the Children's Grand Park!! It's free, come to see it, I'm sorry, tears."

Comedian Park Sung Kwang also said around the same time, "I came for the Sungkyunkwan festivities. But..but..everyone went to watch Psy's concert, so no one is at the school. I'm jealous of Psy~"

Internet users said, "it's sad but funny," "UV's concert fighting!"

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