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'20 Once Again' Starring Luhan Is Coming To U.S.Theaters In January 2015

By Adrienne Stanley | December 17, 2014 08:11 AM EST

CJ Entertainment USA has released the official English poster and U.S. theater dates for the upcoming Chinese language film “20 Once Again.”

“20 Once Again” stars K-pop and C-pop vocalist Luhan along with Bolin Chen, Yang Zi Chan, and veteran actress Grace Geui.

20 Once Again is a Chinese adaptation of the January 2014 hit comedy “Miss Granny.”

20 Once Again is a fantasy comedy which focuses on the story of Shen Meng Jun, an septuagenarian widow, who returns to her twenties. In a twist similar to “Mr. Baek,” she is outwardly beautiful but maintains the grumpy and coarse personality of a seventy year old.

She capitalizes on her youthful transformation and decides to pursue a music career. Shen Meng Jun becomes Meng Li Jun. Meng Li Jun and the younger version of Shen Meng Jun are portrayed by Yang Zi Chan.

20 Once Again takes a hilarious turn when Xiang Qian Jin, her grandson, becomes infatuated with her. Luhan portrays Xiang Qian Jin. Luhan also appears on the soundtrack for 20 Once Again.

Meng Li Jun also becomes the love interest of Tan Xi Ming (Bolin Chen), a music producer.

20 Once Again challenges viewers to think about the drawbacks and advantages of returning to one’s youth.

The film will open on Friday, January 16 in select theaters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Seattle.

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