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Review: Soul Dive Finally Find The Courage To Be As Smooth As They Want To Be On 'SIN' [VIDEO]

By Rehnuma Majid | December 22, 2014 06:06 PM EST

The three members of the South Korean rap group Soul Dive have always had a serious work ethic.

Comprised of bandmates Nuckeub Shaah, Zito and D.Theo, Soul Dive came up in the underground scene, spitting rhymes with countless other hip-hop hopefuls. In 2013, the trio triumphed in the second season of Mnet's rap competition, "Show Me The Money", launching themselves into the mainstream.

The win spring springboarded their career in a way that their 2009 debut studio album, "Mad Scientist and Sweet Monsters", simply could not.

It is in the wake of this taste of this crossover success that Soul Dive released their latest album, "SIN," on Dec. 1. The entire album is an affirmation of everything that made this group great to begin with, but it is the title track that really caught my ear.

The song "SIN" is a smooth and well-polished number, a stylistic detail that won't be lost on their longtime fans.

Soul Dive were known for their old school-jazzy style even back to when they were battling it out for the limelight. This style is evident on the groups older songs like "War" or "XXX" ft. Junggigo. Still, it always felt like they were holding back and caving to what they felt the audience wanted to hear.

On "SIN," the three members allow their true smooth style to shine through completely, delivering mature and tranquil performances that blend perfectly with the beat.

This song is more than just a well-rehearsed set of lyrics; Soul Dive are a group finally able to deliver quality content on their terms.

Not many artists get the chance to simply make music that shows off things they are truly passionate about. The members have cited books, nature, and even going to the museum as inspiration for their music.

"SIN" is a song that feels like their true debut into the mainstream and it's one of the many reasons why you should take a moment and just listen.

Watch the music video for Soul Dive's "SIN" RIGHT HERE

Rehnuma Majid is a writer, artist, radio DJ, events promoter, and avid rock climber. Culture, advocacy, and pie are her passions. 

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