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Even with the confession that she was raped, Ali sings her new song emotionless

By Won Jun | December 16, 2011 02:19 PM EST


On December 16, Ali sang her new song ‘Don’t act tacky’ on ‘Music Bank.

On this day, Ali also had a press conference because of the name ‘Nayoung’ was in her song and apologized for it. Then she confessed that in the past she was raped, making everyone there shocked. Ali was known to have a pre-taping of ‘Music Bank’ before her press conference. In the clip of her singing her song, she looks tired and emotionless. Ali looked very calm with the very small amount of make-up she put on this day.

Mblaq Mir featured in her performance this day.

On December 16, Ali had a press conference apologizing her the ‘Nayoung’ part in her song at the Sang-myung art center concert hall. She confessed then that she was raped three years ago.

Ali used ‘Nayoung’ as a fake name and apologized with her father there. Then she expressed her feelings and what she been through three years ago. Ali said, “On June 2008, a underclassmen I knew from a club (school activity) punched my face and broke my cheekbone then I fainted. Then he put me in a taxi and took me somewhere where I was raped”.

She continued, “the underclassman was accused as the victim and when it went into trial, because of insufficient amount of evidence, he was released as not guilty”. 

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