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Review: Korean Underground Rapper Okasian Creates A Dark, Mysterious Atmosphere On 'Get That Money' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | December 19, 2014 09:12 PM EST


As any hip-hop head knows, there have been plenty of songs in the history of the genre glorifying money and materialism.

More introspective songs questioning the perils of a cash-obsessed lifestyle are a rarity. Even arguably the most famous hip-hop song challenging the capitalist doctrine, "C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)," includes the hook "get the money, dollar dollar bills y'all!"

It is in this ambiguous-but-thought-provoking model that South Korean underground rapper Okasian's new single "Get That Money," released on Wednesday, firmly falls.

With minimalist beats and reverb-drenched percussive keyboard sounds reminiscent of British electronic producer-performer James Blake and Los Angeles-based rapper-producer Diplo, Okasian casts a spell on "Get That Money," reeling the listener in with a hypnotic hook and an addictive drum pattern, while leaving room for introspection about the endless focus on getting stacks of cash.

It's not that "Get That Money" is anti-capitalist; it's far subtler than that.

But having such a melancholy musical backdrop while Okasian says (in English), "through the ups and the downs yeah we get that money. Either you stackin' or you ballin' yeah you get that," the listener is left with a different feeling than wanting to pump their fist in the air.

There is something troubled, even tortured about this apt description of the number one goal of much of the population of both the West and the East. This isn't "shake your ass, have a drink at the bar, forget about tomorrow" hip-hop.

Okasian's "Get That Money" is something completely different.

And that is perhaps the most exciting thing about this artist. There is a whole palate of emotions more real and less boastful that rap music across the world has hardly ever even tried to touch.

If Okasian can continue to tap into this distinctly original approach to rap, there is no telling what could come next.

Listen to "Get That Money" the new single from South Korean rapper Okasian RIGHT HERE

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