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Nongshim Agrees to Use Psy for Ramyun Commercial!

By Staff Writer | October 12, 2012 02:04 PM EDT

Psy had recently released a self-made video oh him wanting to be a model for Nongshim Shin Ramyun.

This video was uploaded onto YouTube and was seen by the Nongshim company.

In the video, Psy states, "Since I was born, I only ate this ramyun. There is no other Korean celebrity that can eat it as good as me."

It was revealed that Psy had been requested to do a Nongshim snack commercial before, but Psy had wanted to do a commercial for a product that he loved to eat. Nongshim was touched by his self-made video and quickly agreed to use him for the product.

In the video, Psy also stated, "It is a first for a celebrity to make a request to the company through a video presentation saying that they want to be a model for their company."

Nongshim has decided to use Psy for their newest item, Shin Ramyun Black Cup. This product had previously been modeled by singer IU. Psy will be shooting a commercial for this product in both Korean and english.

Nongshim commented, "We are glad to have Psy work with us as he becomes a world star with our product too."

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