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K-Pop Idol Rapper Ranking Chart?

By Staff Writer | October 17, 2012 10:02 PM EDT

A ranking chart, called "Idol Rapper Ranking", created by an internet user is gaining a lot of comments and viewers. The ranking chart rates popular idol rappers into 5 different levels.

Block B's Zico ranked the highest within the first tier where Big Bang's G-Dragon followed behind him. They are the only two in the first tier. Zico recently produced songs on his group's comeback album, Blockbuster. G-Dragon is currently promoting his title song "Crayon" off of his second solo album, "One of a Kind".

The second tier consisted of B.A.P's Yong Guk, Block B's Park Kyung, and Big Bang's T.O.P. Yong Guk is about to make a comeback with his group, B.A.P. Their new single, "Don't Do It" will be released in just a few days. Park Kyung of Block B just recently made a comeback with "NILLILI MAMBO" with leader Zico (who ranked first). T.O.P of Big Bang is busy promoting the Alive Galaxy Tour and currently healing from a hand injury he sustained during his filming of new movie, "Alumni".

Just making the cut off line in third tier B2ST's Jun Hyung, who actually is in the backlight for now with no promotions; the boys of B2ST previously promoted their album "Midnight Sun". Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo comes in behind; known as one of the best female rappers in Korea, besides Yoon Mirae. CL of 2NE1, who is actively working on the New Evolution World Tour comes in after Miryo. As most fans known, she is the "baddest female Seoul City ever had". 4Minute's HyunA is well known for her rap skills, having collaborated with the number one rank for "Just Follow Me", her new album "Melting" is set to drop in a few days. Block B's P.O. also made the list as well, but is the last member of his group to do so. Lastly in third tier, B1A4's Baro came in last. At the moment, he is getting ready for his first concert.

Coming in fourth tier, we have Zinger of Secret, who is promoting "Poison" with her group. INFINITE's Dongwoo also places in fourth, along with JJ Project's JB and TVXQ's Yunho, who has returned with his partner, Changmin for their song "Catch Me". SISTAR's Bora places beneath her sunbaenim; having completely the summer promotions of "Loving U". B.A.P's Zelo is last to represent his group along with 2NE1's Minzy, who is respectfully representing hers. Wonder Girls' Yubin places after her dongsaeng, and she happens to be getting ready to perform at the Hard Rock cafe tomorrow with her members. MBLAQ's Mir and f(x)'s Amber also place in the fourth tier with Amber's sunbae's Super Junior's Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong and SHINee's Minho, who's working avidly in Japan for "Dazzling Girl". miss A's Jia is supporting the JYP family in her place (along with Yubin), and lastly, ex-member of T-ARA, Hwayoung nearly finishing off tier four.

Rainbow's Woori, Viki (former Dal Shabet member), Wonder Girls' Lim, Kara's Nicole and ex-member of Girl's Day Jihae, linger just about tier five.

Chansung and Taecyeon of 2PM, who are now in Japan, awaiting the release of Masquerade and have been topping the chaku-uta charts are the only two to place in the fifth tier.

Fans have commented on the chart saying such remarks are "I actually agree with this. The top ones are exactly my pick", "I'm proud Zico's first, he deserves it. And please fans don't start arguing who's better than who, they are all talented, that's why they are idols." and "Strongly disagree with this."

Most may think this chart is spot on, yet some may differ. Though this can give a fan a general idea of where certain K-pop artists place in the field of rapping.

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