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Eton College Students Parody 'Gangnam Style'

By Staff Writer | October 19, 2012 07:57 AM EDT


The students at Eton College dance around the school grounds doing their own version of Psy's popular song. In just twenty hours, it's accumulated more than 44,000 views. In the video, the students claim thay Eton students are "frustrated, lonely and insecure," and poke fun at the prominent institution's educational system.

 "There's a college library there, we got originals from Rousseau and his mate Voltaire, and there just sitting there ('cause we don't care)," they rap while wearing their school robes and sunglasses. They make fun of their high reputation saying that they drink "Moet at a hundred pounds a bottle... just like water."

Headmaster Tony Little said the students who were involved would not be penalized. English Teacher Marco Liviero and Head of Spanish Nick Hulme even dance in the video. Mr. Little said, "It wasn't a subversive thing. I saw it before it was up and out. I think it's a self-deprecating piece of fun by some boys who are parodying themselves. It's just something the boys wanted to make." He also said that he imagined that it would be the talk of the school, but said "It hasn't come through to me in great tidal waves."

Many who commented on the video debated if the clip would change the public's view of Eton, or keep its stereotype as an institution for the wealthy people of society. Mr. Little said, "We have got a lot of intelligent, lively and down-to-earth boys, and one fifth of our students receive significant financial help." The video has attracted more than 2,000 likes; some believe that the 200 dislikes were done by rival students at Harrow.

Alumni of Eton have also been participating; Boris Johnson told the Tory Party Conference that he and David Cameron had also danced to "Gangnam Style."


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