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Is J. Crew Cutting Corners With New Cece Leather Ballet Flats? Customers Notice Changes In Discontinued Shoe But Price Stays The Same

By Sara Guaglione | January 06, 2015 05:25 PM EST

J. Crew store in London
(Photo : Ben A. Pruchnie, Getty Images Entertainment)

J. Crew should know they can't pull the wool over eagle-eyed shoppers. The Cece leather ballet flat is available again after the shoe was discontinued in early 2014 but customers are accusing J. Crew of cutting corners, saying the shoes are now "poor quality" but the same hefty price.

According to the Daily Mail, the blog J.Crew Aficionada pointed out that the Cece leather ballet flats, which are still priced at $125 (and an even pricier £125 in the UK) are no longer made in Italy, and customers have described their "disappointment" on J.Crew's website.

One commenter from Colorado said she noticed differences "immediately."

"[They are] overly wide at the center, no reinforcing leather strip up the heel, a pieced sole rather than a solid one, 1/2 to 3/4 inch lower at the top of the heel.

"The resulting quality and fit are poor ... excessive width makes them difficult to keep on when walking, the lower-hitting heel results in my heel slipping in and out, the original interior wedge has been replaced with an interior bump at the instep. How disappointing."

Another customer said the Cece ballet flats were too wide: "[They are] not as buttery soft as before and stretches out too easily. It's also cut wider and falls off the back of my feet," she wrote.

J.Crew Aficionada found that the official J. Crew description of the new version of the Cece shoes has changed.

While the flats were once described by the company as: "Beautifully styled in sumptuous suede (from Italy, of course). Our designers deliberated over every detail to ensure our ballets are the most comfortable you'll ever wear, adding more padding, removing the shank and finishing them with an arch-hugging wedge. We think they've nailed it. Made in Italy."

The description for the new Cece ballet flats is: "We resurrected one of our most popular ballet flats from the J.Crew archives-and for good reason. With a cushioned insole for maximum comfort, a rubber sole for maximum flexibility and an elasticized topline so they hug your feet just so, they feel as good as they look. Import."

The Daily Mail notes the shoes are now made in Brazil.

What do you think, J. Crew aficionadas? Is the company cutting corners by trying to pretend the shoe is the same, and not changing the price? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!



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