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'The 3rd Hospital' Kim MIn Jung Will Go To Kim Seung Woo?

By Staff Writer | November 01, 2012 04:46 AM EDT

'The 3rd Hospital' saw the birth of a new couple.

tvN's Weds/Thurs drama, "The 3rd Hospital," is finally perhaps reaching a conclusion. On the Wednesday episode, Kim Min Jung ends up spending the night at Kim Seung Woo's place unexpectedly and seems that her mind will change afterwards.

Her change of heart comes after her realization that her mentor and teacher Kim Seung Woo also is in love with her as well. 

Kim Min Jung escorted a very drunk Kim Seung Woo home and after putting him to bed, she couldn't fight her own exhaustion so she falls asleep on his couch. The next morning, Kim Min Jung is late for work but when Kim Seung Woo seems to act very chivalrous towards her and seems to care about her, she realizes that he may be truly in love with her.

Kim Min Jung says, "I plan on falling in love as soon as my major is over," confessing her feelings and it is in stark constrast to Kim Seung Woo's roundabout confession that involved Dopamine and other distractions. 

However, it's difficult to say that the two will definitely work out. Kim Min Jung continues to debate over whether her feelings for Oh Ji Ho are strong.

It's clear that her going back and forth between the two doctors and whether Sooyoung will be treated or not will be the key points to watch until the end of the drama.

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