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Review: Gaeko And Yankie Keep The Party Going Till The Break Of Dawn On 'Cheers' Featuring Beenzino, Babylon [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | January 26, 2015 08:05 PM EST

Every good song has a specific time and place that it is perfectly suited for.

In the case of "Cheers," the new collaboration between Yankie and Dynamic Duo rapper Gaeko, released on Thursday, it is a song custom-made for the twilight hours of the club.

As any night owl well-versed in urban nightlife is sure to know, the best part of any party is almost always the last part, as the weekend warriors and the annoyingly affectionate couples file out leaving only the folks who came to party. Sure, last call can be bleak. Sure, some social gatherings only get increasingly worse the longer they go. But think back to the greatest dance parties you've ever been to and tell me if things were jumping more at the start or finish.

Gaeko and Yankie have their feet firmly planted in the latter camp as even the music video for "Cheers" has the flavor of the kind of late night hangs that are the reason so many of us moved to the city in our tempestuous youth.

And like any great hang, they brought along some friends.

With a devil-may-care attitude that evokes hip-hop standards like Cam'ron's "Hey Ma" or Kanye West's "All Falls Down," Gaeko, Yankie and guest stars Beenzino and Babylon complete the vibe of an all out throwdown with your crew.

It is becoming increasingly more apparent as the years go by that there is an emerging A-list among Korean hip-hop artists. And though the genre has yet to receive the kind of international acclaim that K-pop artists enjoy (ironic, since technically speaking, Psy is actually a rapper), now more than ever, it seems inevitable that their day will come.

Until then, watch the music video for Gaeko and Yankie's new single "Cheers" featuring Beenzino and Babylon RIGHT HERE

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