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Editor's Pick: Vocalist KOHO Crafts An Enchanting Electro Landscape On 'As I Headed' Featuring Simahoy of Bad Joyscoutt [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | January 30, 2015 05:56 PM EST

There is nothing else out there that sounds quite like "As I Headed," the new single from South Korean R&B singer KOHO featuring rapper Simahoy of the group Bad Joyscoutt.

With shades of everything from 1970s West Coast funk pioneers Zapp & Roger to New York City-based Japanese dance music innovators Cibo Matto, "As I Headed," which was released on Friday, is quite arguably the best song to come out of Korea yet this year.

This over-the-top praise is not just for the music, an impressive mixture of sonic textures, but also for KOHO herself, a truly extraordinary singer.

The notes on "As I Headed" seem to come naturally to her.

Despite virtual obscurity outside of Korea, KOHO deserves a seat at the table among the top K-pop innovators. This is an artist whose style is as unique as it is unforced.

Simahoy could have easily broken the spell KOHO spends two minutes casting before the rapper appears on the track. But with a singsong style and an intoxicated swagger that is the perfect compliment to KOHO's ethereal vocal magic, he delivers the final knockout blow in what turns out to be an epic pop song.

With under 200 YouTube views, it seems unlikely that "As I Headed" will be topping the K-pop charts anytime soon. That is too bad, because in addition to a synth sound that would make most hipster indie bands jealous, this songs is extremely well crafted.

There is a certain charm in this song, these underrated performers at this snowy time of the year that is intoxicating, if you're just willing to give it a chance.

Listen to the new KOHO single "As I Headed" featuring rapper Simahoy of the group Bad Joyscoutt RIGHT HERE

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