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TVXQ Changmin is First Korean to be Nominated for Japan 'Hochi Film Awards'

By Staff Writer | November 12, 2012 08:38 AM EST

TVXQ Changmin is First Korean to be Nominated for Japan 'Hochi Film Awards'
TVXQ Changmin is First Korean to be Nominated for Japan 'Hochi Film Awards' (Photo : d)

TVXQ Changmin has been nominated for the 37th annual 'Hochi Film Awards' in Japan.

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The 'Hochi Film Awards' was started in 1967 by the Hochi newspaper company.

Changmin will be featured in a Japanese movie this December called, "Fly with the Gold" and has been chosen as a nominee for the 'Newcomer Award'.

Changmin is the first Korean star to have their name nominated for this award ceremony.

Changmin will be playing the role of a North  Korean spy who disguises himself as a study abroad student.

This movie is based off a book written by Kaoru Takamura.

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