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'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 2 Yields Kaneki, Touka And Rize Themed Food In Japanese Restaurants [PHOTOS]

By Tara Edwards | February 03, 2015 10:34 PM EST


Although there's plenty of discussion to be had about what everyone's favorite human/ghoul is up to this season, it would appear that there's also plenty of ways to celebrate the series as well.

But you have to live in Japan, of course.

Recently some photos of "Tokyo Ghoul" themed food have surfaced on the internet. Among some humorous character themed dishes, it would seem the most interesting (or most delicious) foods feature Kaneki, Touka, and nightmare inducing Rize (because binge eating of course).

Although fans tried to keep from making jokes about eating human flesh, mostly the photos of the special "Tokyo Ghoul" themed food looked ultimately appetizing.

"Leaving aside the jokes about what ghouls actually eat in this series, the food in the pictures does look appetizing," commented Harleyquin in an ANN forum.

"They looks very appealing. Ahhh... I want to eat some Anteiku sandwiches," said Hameyadea.

"Good, now I'm hungry. For human flesh. 'Dem' foods look great," joked Shiranehito.

Anime News Network reports that Hidden Dining House in Shinjuki, Japan as well as the Yuuna restaurant in the Namba district will be the two restaurants to host "Tokyo Ghoul" themed food. The food which is based on actual food that some characters like and inspired by the characters themselves should include meals for any time of day.

Kaneki themed food includes some hamburger dishes based on his favorite last few meals as a human as well as a classic pizza with an imprint of his iconic mask.

Touka's meals are more geared toward her iconic rabbit mask, and include sandwhiches and a Nikujaga based on the dish Yoriko makes for Touka.

Rize's meals, as you guessed, are geared toward binge eating and include some tomato sauce chicken that looks like human flesh.

Fans who are looking to get access to the food, need only make it to Japan by March 31, 2015. Otherwise, you can watch "Tokyo Ghoul" season two "Root A" which streams every Thursday. 

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