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5 K-Pop Groups That Disbanded Or Went On Hiatus In January 2015

By Annie | February 04, 2015 05:10 PM EST

While January 2015 brought us a lot of exciting debuts, it also signaled the demise of a handful of K-pop groups.


While the six-member boy band hasn't officially disbanded (or even announced plans to), the members did collectively file a lawsuit against their record label TS Entertainment, leading to the group's hiatus.

Fans might not have to wait very long for B.A.P's return, however. Earlier this week, member Daehyun revealed a photo through his Twitter that has sparked rumors that the group is planning to self-release a new track soon.


After member Dahee was sentenced to a year in prison for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun, GLAM's agency Big Hit Entertainment announced the decision to disband the group at the members' request.

“No matter what, Dahee’s situation probably influenced the decision.” a K-pop industry associate with ties to Big Hit told OSEN. “It was unrealistic [for GLAM] to carry on with their activities [as a group]."


It was the end of a K-pop era when Star Empire's band Jewelry announced their official disbandment in early January. At the time of the news, Jewelry held the distinction of K-pop's longest-running girl group.

"Jewelry, who made an awesome debut in March of 2001 with 'I Love You', have been officially disbanded in January of 2015," Star Empire revealed in a statement. "We sincerely thank those of you who loved Jewelry and Jewelry's music for the past 14 years."

To commemorate the group's legacy, all the members past and present got together for one last photoshoot in InStyle magazine.


Not following official channels, WonderBoyz member Bak Chi Gi revealed the group's split through an Instagram comment to a fan. "WonderBoyz was disbanded," he said after apologizing for his poor handle of the English language. "But why, I cannot say. You do not have to worry because it was never a bad road or disagreements."

The group debuted in 2012, but hadn't made a comeback since their popular 2013 single "Tarzan."


The trio was still relatively new to the scene at about two years since debut when eldest member mNine revealed through SNS that the group was breaking up. "On January 12, 2015 we ended our contact with the company and Airplane has disbanded," he wrote. "Minki, Bokiri, and I along with the company concluded our talks but we still have the music."

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