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'Boys Over Flowers' Manga Gets 'Season 2' Release In Viz Media's Weekly Shonen Jump

By Tara Edwards | February 09, 2015 11:07 PM EST

"Boys Over Flowers" might be one of the most famous manga series in history, if only because of how many live action adaptations it yielded.

Including the one where Korean actor Lee Minho gained his claim to perm fame.

Perhaps a new Korean adaptation will quickly come into consideration as the official manga sequel is now confirmed. "Boys Over Flowers Season 2" by creator Yoko Kamio is now set to be simultaneously published for fans outside of Japan in Viz Media's Weekly Shonen Jump. Most importantly, it will be free to read starting Feb. 15.

Manga fans are reacting to the news with a surprising confusion over semantics as to why a popular shoujo series is being serialized in a shonen magazine:

"Not sure why it's in Jump, if it's shoujo. But I hope that series finally finds an audience here, I guess," commented Gatsu in an ANN forum.

"I wonder why the creator decided to make it a shonen vs. keeping it as a shoujo," asked Kadmos1.

For those new to manga distinctions, shoujo is geared more toward female readers while shonen is geared more toward male readers. But these distinctions admittedly don't always define the main percentage of an audience for one given series. Especially considering that some of the more popular series like "Naruto" often host equal amounts of male and female fans.

Nevertheless, according to Anime News Network, "Boys Over Flowers Season 2" will be serialized in Japan in Shonen Jump Plus, perhaps hinting at different elements to be incorporated in the sequel.

Viz Media reports that it follows "the next generation of students at the elite Eitoku Academy," and that a special second announcement will be made if fans share over 200 official postings on Facebook and Twitter.

The original "Boys Over Flowers" manga is described on Anime News Network as follows:

"The original 'Boys Over Flowers' manga followed 16-year old Makino Tsukushi, a bright girl from a middle-class family who gets accepted into the ultra-elite Eitoku Academy. She finds herself on the bad side of the school's F4, the four most elite male members at the school."

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