Facebook Latest Features Introduces The 'Legacy Contact' That Lets Users Choose Who Inherits Their Facebook Account! How Does It Work?

By Vinay Patel | February 13, 2015 10:23 AM EST

It looks like Facebook will be introducing a new feature for Facebook users this year

Facebook's new feature is called the "Legacy Contact" which it lets users pick someone who can manage their account after they die. According to reports from ABCNews, previously the accounts were either "memorialized" after death or locked to avoid someone from logging in.

Facebook users can pick a legacy contact to post on their page after they die, which lets them respond to new friend requests and also update their profile picture and cover photo. In addition, users can now opt to delete their Facebook accounts after their death.

We can expect this kind of option to become increasingly common in the near future. Facebook follows the search engine giant, Google in offering this type of posthumous functionality, and we expect other sites to follow the trend.

The person you choose to manage your account won't be notified of your choice until your Facebook account is memorialized. Nevertheless, you can send them a message before. In addition to this, Facebook will also send you an annual reminder of your pick.

Facebook says, "When a person passes away, their account can become a memorial of their life, friendships and experiences.

"While many might draw back from such an option, it's worth opting for as it could provide comfort to your friends and family.

Here's how users can assign someone to manage their Facebook account.

Click on the upside-down triangle on the top right corner of your page, open "settings" and find "security." U.S. users will be able to see an option to edit their legacy contact, who must be a Facebook user.  Users can manage the level of permission they want to set and have the option to send a message to your chosen person. The feature also allow users to have the account deleted after death.

Facebook allows you to designate anyone your legacy contact as long as your contact is on Facebook. notes, this rule out parents and family members who are not on the social network.

A friend or a significant other is a plausible choice, however you have to be 100 percent sure the person you choose is up for the responsibility as there is no way for your legacy contact to delegate the task once you've passed away. Moreover, it also makes more sense to consider someone you know you'll stay in touch with for many years to come.

According to WSJ, if you have already appointed a "digital heir" through your existing legal will and testament, that person will be designated as your legacy contact via that method.

According to Mashable, your legacy contact needs to get in touch with Facebook and make a valid request to have your account memorialized or removed through an online form. In case you choose your legacy contact memorialize your account, it will stay live, but will have "Remembering" label before your name.

Nothing from your account will ever appear in a News Feed and no ads will be shown next to your page. It will become a static online destination where your friends and family can go to remember you.

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