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EXO Fans Accidentally Send Chanyeol Pornographic Fanfiction

By Staff Writer | February 18, 2015 05:58 PM EST

EXO’s Chanyeol received a package that some fans would like back.

Park Chanyeol, one of the ten members of SM Entertainment’s idol group EXO, was accidentally the recipient of a book filled with gay erotica written about him. Fans of the idol posted messages to Park on his official SNS accounts, begging him not to open the package, despite the fact that it was addressed to him.

Korean portal site instiz shared a post with several screenshots of members of EXO-L, EXO’s fan club, explaining the situation and begging Chanyeol not to open the package.

Fans of the idol had gathered together fan-written yaoi, the Japanese word for male-male stories, about Chanyeol and put them together into an anthology.

The fan who was supposed to send the final product to the rest of the collaborators didn’t want to use his or her own address, so wrote “Park Chanyeol” and SM Entertainment’s address as the return label. Unfortunately, one book didn’t get delivered and instead was delivered to the sender, who was not actually the sender in this case. The situation became public on February 16.

Fans left messages like, "Chanyeolioppa Some people put together a fan book and the package's return address was your name and SM's adress but the person who was supposed to receive it didn't so please don't look at it."

Others wrote things like:

"Park Chan Yeol definitely don't look I'm seriously sorry"

"Chanyeolah Even though the package was sent to you, you definitely shouldn't look..."

Chanyeol spent the Lunar New Year with his family, and neither SM Entertainment nor the idol addressed whether he received the package or not.

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