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SPICA's Jiwon Denies Being Involved In Drunk Driving Accident After Her Picture Was Used In News Report

By Staff Writer | March 22, 2015 11:17 AM EDT

SPICA's Jiwon denied her alleged involvement in a multi-vehicle accident in Seoul after Korean television used a blurred image of the idol during their broadcast.

Five cars were involved in an accident on March 22, reportedly caused by a driver. According to the Korean media, a girl group member, known as "J" was in the car along with her reportedly intoxicated boyfriend.

During a live broadcast about the story, Channel A used an image of SPICA's member, who took to Twitter shortly after the incident to deny her involvement.

"There was a call from my company yesterday while I was eating after riding my bike. I was told that a five car pileup had taken place and it was suspected that I was a passenger, and that it would be reported like that," Jiwon said. "I was taken aback that it would be assumed from a very unclear video, as if I were the passenger of a drunk driver. I was worried because I knew that fans would worry for me if such a thing happened."

"I was assured that the reports didn't include my name since the incident couldn't be connected to me," she continued. "I went to see my friend's performance and returned home, but around midnight people started to message me to say that my picture with pixilation had been used as the passenger of the drunk driver. The report also said that the passenger was a girl group member with a 'J' in her name."

As for what will be done to clarify the matter once and for all, "the agency assured me that if my name is used they will take legal action," Jiwon explained, "but I know fans will be worried and frustrated so I am writing this."

"It was not me so don't worry and trust in me. I hope that those who were involved in the accident weren't hurt too much. Have a good Sunday everyone."

Channel A reported from the scene, and spoke to the man claiming to be the female idol’s boyfriend.

“[She] is my girlfriend and I cannot say what her name is. Her name contains the letter J,” said the man about the passenger.

Witnesses allegedly stated that the female “had abrasions on her forehead and elbow, and was sent to the hospital. While the agency will probably deny it, she was lowering her face when the cameras came out to record."

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