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Tiny G M Gains Notoriety In Thailand

By Edward Leary | March 31, 2015 09:49 AM EDT

A few months back, Korean girl group Tiny G had announced their disbandment, with member Dohee leaving the group and having J-min and Mint as the only ones left to grace the stage. Now the girls have expanded to Thailand for promotions but how are they doing?

As of late, Tiny G had undergone some changes. Now under the new name Tiny G M, members J-min and Mint have traveled overseas to Thailand to continue promotions and excel in the Thai-music industry.

Still singing familiar songs such as "Ice Baby," Tiny G M has also produced their own song, featuring Natthew, titled "Only One" and have been well received from Korean fans as well as Thailand.

Fortunately, member Mint originates from Thailand so the music and lyrics come naturally, making it an easier transition for them into the country and the market. Check out their music video shot in Seoul but sung in Thai below!


The music video even features member Dohee visiting them and showing her support for her labelmates, despite no longer being in the group and focusing on her acting career in Korea. Tiny G M has continued to promote and perform live on various talk shows in Thailand with Mint leading a majority of the segments.

In the clip below member J-min can be seen effortlessly singing along to their song "Only One," never missing a beat and flaunting her musical prowess. However, when it is her turn to speak a little in Thai her shy side comes through, but she is confident in her introductions alongside Mint. Check out the clip below for their live performance and short talk after.

After seeing these various highlights, we are confident that Tiny G M will do well promoting overseas and Korea. Fans can still expect more music to come from their favorite tiny idols.

What do you think of their promotions over seas and new song so far? Will Tiny G M reign longer or soon disband? Let us know in the comments below!

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