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Review: SISTAR's Bora Joins Jace, Kisum, Lil Cham For A Hard-Grooving Hip-Hop Collaboration That Works On 'Feedback' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | April 27, 2015 09:28 PM EDT

Hip-hop collaborations can be a tricky thing.

At their worst, they can feel like a ship without a rudder or, even worse, like an NBA all-star game--devoid of a team dynamic. At their best they can bring like-minded MCs together in a performance-enhancing hip-hop summit.

Falling firmly into the latter camp is the single "Feedback," scheduled for release on Tuesday, from Bora of the K-pop girl group SISTAR as well as preeminent South Korean female rappers Jace, Kisum and Lil Cham.

Matching each other's intensity in equal measure, but with each MC adding their own unique style to the mix, Bora, Jace, Kisum, Lil Cham prove themselves to be a hip-hop unit that can deliver.

Composed by Brand New Music CEO and hip-hop artist Rhymer, as purely a composition, the beat on "Feedback" packs a punch. Producer Lish's appearance as a male voice in the song's hook is a bold choice for a group being marketed as an all-female act. But it is one that places the emphasis firmly on the rapping.

And if rapping is the criteria we're judging this Bora-Jace-Kisum-Lil Cham collaboration, "Feedback" features some of the rawest rhymes to appear anytime recently on the South Korean musical landscape.

But the musical backdrop these talented females use as a powerful springboard is definitely worth a solid mention.

Referencing both classic hip-hop acts like the Beastie Boys and Salt-N-Pepa and more recent Korean rap acts like Epik High or Beenzino, the beat on "Feedback" gives you the kick of instant gratification that is as much as any hip-hop fan could ask for.

It's not just imperative that these four rappers work together again, but that they bring along Rhymer and Lish for the ride.

Watch the music video for "Feedback" the new collaboration between Bora Of SISTAR, Jace, Kisum and Lil Cham RIGHT HERE

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