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Hong Kong Paparazzi Leaks TEEN TOP MV Spoiler Picture

January 24, 2013 10:27 AM EST

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Hong Kong Paparazzi Leaks TEEN TOP MV Spoiler Picture / Credit: d

TEEN TOP's new music video has been unexpectedly leaked by Hong Kong paparazzi.

Today, a picture was revealed online with a title, "TEEN TOP MV Spoiler Leaked".

Hong Kong media commented that TEEN TOP had secretly come to Hong Kong for 2 nights and 3 days to films their music video.

TEEN TOP has been receiving continuous support in Japan. They are now famous even in Europe and other parts of the world. Next month, they plan on visiting U.K., Germany, France and Spain to hold a concert.

T.O.P Media, their agency commented, "We wanted to film this music video quietly, but it will be hard due to all the paparazzi and media."

They also commented, "We had wanted to show the fans the completed video, but due to the leaking of the photos, it will be hard to show their completed work first."

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