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Lee Seung Gi Reveals Fatherly Smile, Photo Shoot with Children

January 30, 2013 10:26 PM EST

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Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi revealed his 'fatherly smile' as he filmed a commercial with children.

Recently on an online community board, a picture with the title, 'Lee Seung Gi Future Fatherly Figure Reserved' was revealed.

In the revealed pictures, Lee Seung Gi is smiling brightly at the children while filming the commercial.

This commercial was for Pizza Hut, in which Lee Seung Gi has been the model for for 4 years. The pictures revealed him and the children enjoying their pizza.

It was revealed that Lee Seung Gi could not stop smiling at the children off or on set.

An official commented, "Lee Seung Gi played with the children which made them more comfortable on set. The shoot went well due to Lee Seung Gi's great skill with children."

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