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2NE1 Bom's Barefoot Performance, 'Most Memorable Moment' at Seoul Music Awards 2013? [VIDEO]

February 01, 2013 11:05 AM EST

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2NE1 member Bom shared her thoughts regarding the recent mishap during their stage at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards.

Bom received compliments showing her professionalism as she successfully concluded a performance as one of her heel slipped off due to powerful choreography.

Following the ceremony, Bom tweeted, "Wow today is truly special! I was so surprised. All of a sudden one of my feet felt free. I feel that even this incident will become a memorable moment."

She continued, "It was also interesting to see the reactions of my fellow members. Our leader CL knowing that I'll be flustered gave me reassuring look, to enjoy the stage. Later I asked her then she told me she was getting ready in case I did something unexpected."

Watch 2NE1's performance below.

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