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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Battery Problems: How To Fix The Issue And Extend Battery Life?

By Lorenzo Soliman | May 13, 2015 03:33 PM EDT


Battery life has been a big issue amongst smartphone users ever since the technology was created since it demands users to plug in their devices into the power supply every once in a while.

New devices, however, were created to withstand the test of time and energy but still deliver the full potential of the phone. Using the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini as an example, battery problems could be fixed just by following list of to do's to extend the battery life and take away the worry of your phone dying in the middle of the day.

In an Anroid Central forum, users listed possible ways to keep your battery last longer and still use your device as effective as possible.

First of all, updating to the latest firmware usually keeps the battery and software of the phone updated from any bugs that could give out harm not only to your phone but also with its performance.

"I updated my mobile with XXAMA4 Firmware and solved this problem, Battery timing is now fantastic, you also do some other things after updating this firmware," user Kass Banka claimed.

In order to update the firmware to improve the battery problem experienced by Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini users is by following three easy steps. First is disabling Samsung Push Service by looking at it in the Application manager. Next is turning WiFi off during sleep in WiFi advanced settings. Lastly, be sure to use GSM mode only in network mode and select manual network configuration in mobile network settings to not only conserve your gadget's energy, but also improve the signal of your phone.

Other tips include turning off all other radio signals when not in use, which includes WiFi, Cellular Data, Bluetooth and GPS, among others. Next is closing all the unused apps especially applications that consumes a big amount of energy, particularly the camera app, could help save battery.

Lastly, proper battery maintenance is also important to avoid battery problems for your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. Cleaning out the metal contacts at least once or twice a month could help. Also draining the battery until the phone turns off once or twice a month could prolong the battery life. Also, make sure to charge your batteries when it is already in critical life (below 20%). Not only could this help with the battery life, but it will also have your power accurately calibrated.

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