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What is Jay Park doing at a Public Place? 'Even My Child Doesn't Do That'

February 04, 2013 05:26 PM EST

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Singer Jay Park's unexpected picture caused an uproar online.

Recently on an online community board, a post with the title, 'Jay Park Playing Dead at a Supermarket' was revealed.

In the picture, it revealed Jay Park lying on top of boxes at a supermarket. Jay Park thought this picture to be humorous, but it turned out to be disappointing to his fans. 

Internet users commented, "That is not something one should do in a public place" and "Just a fun picture I guess."

Most of the internet users commented, "If something happens to the products, are you going to be responsible for it?" and "That is something my child doesn't even do."

On the other hand, Jay Park has been caught up with another crisis for his inappropriate hand gesture through his social networking site yesterday.

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