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K-Pop Throwback: SISTAR Mix The Sounds Of Amadou & Mariam, The Bee Gees And Bollywood On Their 2012 Hit 'Alone' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | May 18, 2015 08:54 PM EDT

Some songs, for whatever reason, seem to have a longer shelf life than others.

Tracks that provide a temporary thrill in the moment, years or sometimes even months later, can leave you wondering why you ever even bothered to listen to them.

While other recordings, like fine wine, seem to only get better with age and somehow maintain that same initial kick.

Falling squarely into the second category is "Alone," the title track off of SISTAR's 2012 EP.

One of two tracks on the EP featuring the work of K-pop super producer Brave Brothers ("Come Closer" being the other one), "Alone" still sounds as fresh as the day it was released, another master class from Brothers, who also wrote and arranged the song, on how to use familiar sounds to create something strikingly new.

Combining the vocal rhythm the from the Bee Gees's 1977 disco standard "Stayin' Alive" with a keyboard hook reminiscent of Mali-based duo Amadou & Mariam's 2008 track "Sebali" and a bit of Bollywood razzle-dazzle makes for a highly intriguing piece of pop music.

It is interesting to hear how the four members of SISTAR adjust their own vocals accordingly.

Through frequently, the producers that the group works with seem to make the members pull out the stops with the vocal acrobatics that any of them are capable of, to this reviewer's ears, the group is at their best when they channel the forcefully melodic delivery of classic Michael Jackson and save the vocal runs for the Korean TV music competitions that come with being a K-pop girl group.

As most fans know, SISTAR has often found their biggest chart success with highbrow power pop ballads, which they can probably pull off without much thought at this point.

But put them with a producer on the level of Brave Brothers and the sound is not just more daring and innovative, but a whole lot of fun.

Watch the music video for SISTAR's 2012 Brave Brothers-produced hit "Alone" RIGHT HERE

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