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Deep Silver Expected To Reveal Two Games At E3 2015; ‘Homefront: The Revolution’ And ‘Dead Island 2’ Release Date Expected?

By Lorenzo Soliman | May 25, 2015 05:31 AM EDT

Deep Silver is trying to make 2015 big with its scheduled games expected to be released this year. In line with this, the developer scheduled at least two games to be introduced in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo that would happen this June at Los Angeles.

In a report by Latest News Explorer, alongside the list of all the games expected to be showcased at E3 2015 is Deep Silver's line up.

The two titles include "Homefront: The Revolution" and "Dead Island 2." What should fans expect from the game?

Speculations suggest that fans should expect an announcement of the release dates of "Homefront" and "Dead Island" at the upcoming Deep Silver conference at E3 2015.

For the gameplay, "Homefront" is reported by Movie Pilot to have an extensive open world gameplay that could give gamers the opportunity to roam everywhere in the map.

"When we acquired the IP, all of a sudden we had the freedom to take this game wherever we wanted," game designer Fasahat Salim said. "We thought, what better way to do that than just go open-world with it."

"It's an emerging open world, but everything is happening in that space whether you are there or not. So, the things that actually unravel on the streets, whether that happens with civilians or with the KPA, all of that stuff is going to happen whether you are there or not. So if you're in the middle of a mission and all of a sudden you find yourself in a heated skirmish between the resistance and the KPA, that's just ... happening. You can join that if you want to, or you can use that to your advantage."

For "Dead Island 2," Deep Silver boss Isaac Ashdown revealed in a Red Bull interview that fans should have their eyes wide open for their E3 2015 conference, as they expect the game to deliver more than expected from it.

"The trailer definitely matches the tone we're going for," Ashdown said. "It's a kind of lighthearted take on what would happen if a zombie apocalypse came to California, and all the people who stayed behind saw it as an opportunity for a new way of life."

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