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SHINee Onew Comeback Teaser Image Revealed, 'Dreamy Prince'

February 11, 2013 02:05 PM EST

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SHINee Onew Comeback Teaser Image Revealed, 'Dreamy Prince' / Credit: d

Idol group SHINee member Onew's teaser image was revealed today.

Starting from February 7, SM Entertainment released individual teaser images of the members through their official homepage, Facebook twitter, weibo and other social networking sites. 

The photos were shot with the concept of 'dream'. Today, member Onew's pictures were revealed.

The picture revealed a 'dreamy prince' concept with his charismatic expressions.

SHINee's special New Year's program was aired yesterday and revealed the group's travel stories from different countries. This program will be extended into a 10 episode show on MBC Music.

Their title song, "Dream Girl" and new album will be released on February 19 on iTunes and other music sites.

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