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'Gangnam Style' Psy Emoticons to be Released World Wide

By Staff Writer | February 13, 2013 03:11 PM EST

'Gangnam Style' Psy Emoticons to be Released World Wide
'Gangnam Style' Psy Emoticons to be Released World Wide (Photo : d)

Singer Psy's moving animation emoticons, 'Oppan World Style~!' will be released worldwide.

These emoticons will be released in 230 countries and will be translated in 6 different languages including Korean, English, Japanese, Vietnamese and more. 

The animations for these emotions were created by the same producer for Psy's 6th album designs.

An official of the app, Kakao Talk, commented, "With these emoticons, Psy will be able to further his music worldwide. These emoticons are receiving positive feedback from Kakao Talk users as well."

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