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Review: Korean Underground Rappers Kisper And Jaztino Sculpt A Hip-Hop Sound All Their Own On 'Breath' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | June 15, 2015 08:03 PM EDT


Any genre needs the neophytes, the new converts or young kids hungry to make their mark by breaking every rule in the book.

When the main moneymakers for any musical idiom start to burn out on their own success, or become too comfortable with the status quo, you need new blood in the mix. This is where hip-hop came from, punk music shortly before that and even rock and roll itself.

Sometimes the most daring performer can be one who has nothing to lose, making up for what they lack in technical ability with attitude and originality.

Anyone familiar with the South Korean underground artist Kisper Lee knows that he is not an artist following the standard rap rulebook. From his distorted rapid-fire rhymes over classical piano on "Keep That In Mind" to rapping over what resembles a horror movie soundtrack on "Thumbs Up," Kisper is clearly not afraid to try on just about any sound he can get his hands on, whether it grooves or not.

Yet, as with any artist who dips their toe into experimental waters, there is a bit of a hit-or-miss factor.

That is why it is a pleasure to report that on his latest single "Breath" featuring Jaztino and released on Tuesday, this budding South Korean artist has created his first great hip-hop beat.

Like any new artist fighting to find a new sound, there are areas for improvement; Kisper and Jaztino's vocals are completely dry (devoid of echo, delay or reverb) and quite loud in the mix, an odd choice for such a far out song.

Yet, it is the ragged, even handmade quality of "Breath" that makes it stand apart from the over-sculpted K-pop landscape.

While it might not send you running for the nearest dance floor right away, it could have you running to hit the replay button to re-experience a song not quite like anything you've heard before.

Listen to "Breath" the latest single by South Korean rapper Kisper and featuring Jaztino RIGHT HERE

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