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Teen Top Highlight Flashy Choreography For 'Ah Ah' Comeback Music Video

By Samantha Marie Lifson | June 22, 2015 09:59 AM EDT

Teen Top have made their long awaited return with "Ah-Ah."

After two weeks of surprise teasers, Teen Top finally released "Ah-Ah" on June 22 at 12PM KST through their official YouTube channel.

The video immediately captures the audience's attention with its bright colors and fun diner setting. As expected from their teaser videos, Teen Top impress with their high energy and intense chorography. "Ah-Ah" features an energetic and awesome shuffle dance step that showcases the group's talent as dancers. The video also pairs their powerful dancing abilities and simple dance moves as the members of Teen Top all try to woo the same group of girls in the diner.

"Ah-Ah" is a retro-inspired, breezy track that is perfect for summer. With a light and refreshing sound, "Ah-Ah" is sure to get stuck in your head.

Teen Top also released their full mini-album Natural Born Teen Top alongside their music video. Natural Born Teen Top features a number of tracks written and composed by up-and-coming composure Black Eyed Pilsung, who is known for other summer hits like SISTAR's "Touch My Body." Plus, members CAP, L.Joe, Niel, and Changjo also contributed to the lyrics and composing of various tracks on Natural Born Teen Top.

Check out the fun and energetic new track below:

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