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Album Review: AOA Reconsider 1980s Synth Pop On Their New EP ‘Heart Attack’ [AUDIO]

By Adrienne Stanley | June 24, 2015 05:29 PM EDT

On Monday, the seven-piece K-pop girl group AOA released their third EP “Heart Attack.”

“Heart Attack” is a six-track ‘80s-inspired romp that highlights the members' harmonious vocals. The "mini album" (as it's known in the Hallyu world) serves as a follow up to AOA's 2014 release, “Like a Cat.” AOA has once again teamed up with their longtime collaborator, the innovative South Korean pop hitmaker Brave Brothers on “Heart Attack,” who co-wrote and co-produced four of the six songs on the album.

The group, whose name is an acronym for Ace of Angels, have scored in the past with Brave Brothers-produced tracks like “Mini Skirt” and “Like a Cat.”

“Heart Attack” opens with the electro-pop title track whose quick tempo sets the perfect pace for a cardio workout.

“Luv Me” fully transports listeners to the 1980s, as it evokes the synthesizers of Tears for Fears paired with the vocals of Cyndi Lauper. This electro-infused track sets the tone for the rest of the album with its synth flourishes over classic lyrical refrains like “will you love me, love me boy?”

On "Come to Me," AOA jumps ahead a decade ahead in production. The song avoids the trap of sounding dated, while laying the groundwork for a possible future release. “Come to Me” also evokes the sultry blues of SISTAR’s “Alone,” demonstrating AOA's ability to stand alongside the best of them as a vocal pop group.

By contrast, the guitar accompaniment on “One Thing,” reminds the listener that AOA debuted as a pop rock group, like their FNC label mates CNBLUE and FTISLAND.

“Really Really” and “Chocolate” are two of the strongest songs on the album.

On “Really Really,” AOA member Jimin shows signs she could be the next CL. She delivers her rhymes and leads the group through the song, exuding the confidence possibly gained through her recent blistering appearance on the South Korean television music program “Unpretty Rapstar.”

On “Chocolate,” Jimin evokes her now-famous rhyme scheme on the "Unpretty Rapstar" single “Puss.”

While Jimin's contribution to the track is brief, it aurally contrasts with the bright jazz vocals of her group members. Korean drama viewers who have watched “Orange Marmalade” will instantly pick out the vocals delivered by Seolhyun on “Chocolate.” The track lives up to its name, providing a listeners with a delicious treat.

On "Heart Attack" AOA has once again demonstrated the depth and variety of their talent.

Listen to the new album from AOA, “Heart Attack” RIGHT HERE

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