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Review: Daring New K-Pop Girl Group ASHA Unleash The Energizing Electro Track 'Mr. Liar' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | June 29, 2015 07:11 PM EDT

Usually, if there are Auto-Tuned vocals in the opening bars of a song, I'm heading for the hills.

But on "Mr. Liar," the debut single released on June 19 by the four-member K-pop girl group ASHA, the production, arrangement and just about every other musical aspect are so interesting it is possible to see past the pitch correction.

The squelching square waves of synthesizers and a drum loop with an expansive, organic sound are the sounds that immediately stand out "Mr. Liar." But on closer listen, one realizes there are horns, there are handclaps. The overall mix is subtly layered with some abrupt changes that feel surprisingly right.

Even the aforementioned digitally processed vocals have a few more natural moments in the song, enough to show these members are definitely worth hearing with the Auto-Tune turned off.

The melody of "Mr. Liar" is simply hypnotic, weaving dreamily around the retro hip-hop drums in a manner that makes the song a highly inventive three minutes of dance music.

With many K-pop boy bands or K-pop groups, their early work, before their fan base had a name, a color or even a website, is their most intriguing. For some acts, it is when they are willing to try anything (and in equally as many cases, their management seems to literally be willing to try anything that works) that they are at their most inventive and therefore their most exciting.

But isn't any art form at its best when there isn't a road map? Doesn't a true artist of any medium owe it to their audience to push the envelope and expand on what has been done in any way they know how?

If you believe that these questions above are more than just the rhetoric of a pretentious music reviewer, you may at the very least, dig the spirit of ASHA's musical maiden voyage.

On repeated listens, one things for sure, this group deserves a lot more than Auto-Tune.

Watch the music video for "Mr. Liar," the new single released on June 19 by recently debuted K-pop girl group ASHA RIGHT HERE

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