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Review: Girls' Generation Want To Provide The Soundtrack For Your Beach 'Party' This Summer [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | July 08, 2015 03:58 PM EDT

More than year since their last album release in South Korea, Girls' Generation have returned with the perfect beach party song for the summer of 2015.

Released as a single on Tuesday, "Party" is the first of three Girls' Generation singles that the group's label SM Entertainment is expected to drop this summer. Talk about starting off with a bang! This saccharine pop song is as explosive as a Fourth of July firework, beautifully highlighting the vocal talent of the eight members of this K-pop superstar act.

Beginning with an English introduction to the song by band member Tiffany, "Party" quickly sets itself up as the beach song of the season. Keyboards and guitar provide a backtrack to the pop beat, while each vocalist has a moment to shine. Girls Generation then belt out a bouncy, mildly alcohol-endorsing, beach-hopping, chorus. They sing about partying on beaches around the world with lemon soju, tequila and mojitos.

"Party" winds down at moments, but the overall feel of the electronic dance tune is a return to the sweet, colorful style that made Girls' Generation international stars.

Overprocessed vocals are an issue, but Girls' Generation doesn't shy away from giving each member a moment to shine throughout the song.

Along with being Girls' Generation's first Korean release since their higly innovative 2014 EP "Mr. Mr.," "Party" is the girl group's second Korean song release since the departure of former member Jessica Jung.  In April, the Girls' released "Catch Me If You Can," marking their debut as an eight-member group.

Jessica's absence isn't a detriment to "Party," as the other SNSD members simply get a chance for longer singing parts.

With a bright music video shot on the island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand,  Girls Generation make it clear that "Party" is a song for all the beach lovers of the world. 

Watch the music video for Girls’ Generation’s new single "Party" RIGHT HERE

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