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Sentai Filmworks Begins 'Vampire Hunter D' English Dub Voice Cast Countdown [VIDEO]

By Tara Edwards | July 17, 2015 11:32 PM EDT


Sentai Filmworks has begun counting down to the release of their new "Vampire Hunter D" English Dub with preview videos of their cast. The first video, available to view below, features actor David Wald as vampire lord Count Magnus Lee.

So far, fans in Crunchyroll are expressing excitement for the "Vampire Hunter D" English dub.

"Delicious. I look forward to being able to retire my old Urban Vision VHS tape of this after all this time," said Rcsatcrunchyroll.

VHS tape is right as the original "Vampire Hunter D" was released in 1985, originally by Urban Vision. Discotek announced in February that it had licensed the follow up to the movie, "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust."

The original "Vampire Hunter D" was directed by Toyoo Ashida and written by Yasushi Hirano. The characters were designed by Yoshitaka Amano. The music for the film was created by Noriyoshi Matsuura. The original novel that the movie is based on was written by Hideyuki Kikuchi.

Crunchyroll describes "Vampire Hunter D" as follows:

"For 10,000 years, Count Magnus Lee has walked the night, sustained by an unholy thirst for blood and an unending lust for human women. But when he tastes the sweet nectar running through Doris Lang's veins, the Count knows he has found more than his next meal: this is the woman he intends to claim as his next vampire bride."

The description goes on:

"As the daughter of a werewolf hunter, however, Doris Lang is less than willing to step into the thrall of evil. And if she is unable to defend herself from the Count's nightmarish powers, she is fortunate enough to have found someone who can: the Vampire Hunter known as D. But D is no ordinary man, and signing up for his protection may carry a price of its own."


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