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[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] Big Bang, Girls' Generation, BEAST, And More; Who Ranks #1 For The Fourth Week Of July?

By James Buhain | July 25, 2015 12:37 PM EDT

The fourth week of July is here, which means it is time to reveal who ranks on our top 10 chart.

This week, Big Bang and Girls' Generation battled for the first place spot. Ranking number one is YG Entertainment's popular male group Big Bang for their single titled "If You." Continuing to show their popularity, Big Bang has two more other singles that ranks on our chart. "Sober" is at number five and "Bang Bang Bang" at number 10.

While they are busy with their world tour, Big Bang are still getting nominated on the music shows each week. SM Entertainment's female group Girls' Generation rank number two for their summer "Party" song. Girls' Generation are also showing their popularity as they have won a total of six trophies from the music programs.

Korean indie band Hyukoh are doing great as they have two of their singles that ranks on our chart. Their single titled "Comes and Goes" is rank at number five, and "Wi-ing Wi-ing" is at number seven. While they are not promoting on the music shows, Hyukoh is competing hard.

SISTAR rank number four for their single titled "Shake It." SISTAR has wrapped up promotions, which they did a great job of entertaining their fans on the major music shows each week.

Girl's Day and their single titled "Ring My Bell" is back on our chart at number six this week. Girl's Day are currently promoting on the music programs. BEAST are back with a new single titled "Gotta Go to Work," which debuts on our chart at number eight.

The song is a witty track, which the message is about a guy who does not want to go to work and leave his girlfriend. The song is written by Good Life. BEAST will initiate comeback promotions on the major music programs this week.

Zion.T and his single titled "Yanghwa Bridge" is a fan favorite because it is rank at number nine. The single was released on September 30, 2014. The song continues to captivate listeners with its calm melody and Zion.T's soothing vocals.

Idols Who Ranks On Our Chart For This Week

Number One: Big Bang; "If You" (Audio)

Number Two: Girls' Generation; "Party"

Number Three: Hyukoh; "Comes And Goes"

Number Four: SISTAR; "Shake It"

Number Five: Big Bang; "Sober"

Number Six: Girl's Day; "Ring My Bell"

Number Seven: Hyukoh; "Wi-ing Wi-ing"

Number Eight: BEAST; "Gotta Go to Work"

Number Nine: Zion.T; "Yanghwa Bridge"

Number 10: Big Bang; "Bang Bang Bang"

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