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Tao Regrets Harsh Words Towards Former EXO-M Leader Kris

By Staff Writer | August 11, 2015 08:47 AM EDT

One former K-pop idol seeks forgiveness. 

Tao, the estranged member of K-pop boy group EXO, revealed in an interview with Chinese media outlet Sina that he felt apologetic towards Kris (Wu Yi Fan,) the former leader of EXO's Mandarin speaking subgroup, EXO-M. Prior to Tao's departure from EXO, he wrote harsh words on social media regarding Kris's departure from the group. Now, he feels remorseful for those words.

"If I could switch to the person I am now," Tao told Sina, "I would definitely support his choice at the time."

After Kris left EXO in 2014, the first of three Chinese members to leave the group to date, Tao condemned Kris on social media and called Kris' actions a "betrayal."

Tao departed from EXO earlier this year at the urging of his family, after a variety of health issues. Fans of EXO criticized Tao for leaving the group, particularly because he had called out Kris in the past.

During the interview, Tao explained that he posted his feelings impulsively after Kris left the group without a warning. Now, he regrets the post and hopes for forgiveness from his former leader.

"I don't know if he could forgive me or not," Tao said in the interview.

The words that Tao said he impulsively posted were due to the fact that he felt betrayed by Kris, who hadn't told him about his departure from EXO. "When I got out of bed and saw the news, it was only then that I found out he [Kris] left. So I impulsively posted those words."

"If there is an opportunity, I would like to say to him, 'That was just me being really impulsive. If I could change it, I would definitely support you,'" Tao added. "I hope that everything goes well for him, and that he could listen to my thoughts."

Sina revealed that Tao is still in contact with Luhan, the other member of EXO to have left the group.

The interview lasted nearly half a hour, and touched on other topics regarding Tao's career as a soloist. 

Tao debuted as a soloist under the name Z.TAO on July 23.


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