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Cross Gene's Shin Discusses His Early Life And Career During Exclusive Interview With KpopStarz Japan (Part 2)

By KpopStarz Japan | August 31, 2015 01:01 PM EDT

Cross Gene leader Shin recently sat down with KpopStarz Japan for an exclusive interview ahead of his recent appearance on TV Asahi's 'Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.' 

For Part 1 of the interview, click HERE


◆When you became a trainee, did your life change? 

SHIN:Yes it changed. I became a trainee when I was in the second grade of the high school. After the school, all my friends went to cramming schools but I went to a practice studio. It was fun at first. I felt like I was different from others and became something else. 

◆Did you start dancing after you became a trainee? 

SHIN:Yes. I wasn't interested in dancing until then but I was interested in singing. 

◆Where you interested in acting? 

SHIN:No, not at all. 

◆When did you start thinking about becoming a professional musician?

SHIN:When I was a high school student. I changed my mind and took the entrance exam for a college where I could study music, but I didn't pass (Laugh). 

◆When was the time you enjoyed the most "romantic attention" in your life? 

SHIN:Well, surprisingly, I am not popular among girls. Probably, I enjoyed the most romantic attention when I was in kindergarten to the first grade. 

◆Are there any experiences you can talk about in your love life that made you grow? 

SHIN:No, I don't have any experiences. (Laugh)

◆What is your favorite experience from your school life?

SHIN:I was in a mountain climbing club and a tea ceremony club, so my school club activities were little different from others. (Laugh) 

◆Which mountain did you climb? 

SHIN:I climbed almost all the famous mountains in Seoul in a year! 

◆What do you like about mountain climbing? 

SHIN:Nothing! (Laugh)

◆Really? So why were you in the club? (Laugh)

SHIN:I thought it could be fun and relaxing. 

◆But didn't you feel anything when you reached the top of a mountain? 

SHIN:No really. (Laugh) I didn't feel anything special. I don't think I learned much from the club activities. 

◆It must be really hard to climb mountain, right? Why didn't you quit the club? 

SHIN:My class teacher was also the adviser for the club so I thought if I quit the club, I would be in trouble (Laugh) 

◆How about tea ceremony club? 

SHIN:I wanted to start a club that I could enjoy in my spare time with out my class teacher telling me anything, so I made the tea ceremony club by myself. However after I started the club, my school hired a tea ceremony specialist from the tea ceremony association so my club became official and serious (Laugh)

◆That is an interesting story! 

SHIN:I made this tea ceremony club with about 10 of my friends but sadly the club doesn't exist anymore. 

◆You just wanted to just relax and enjoy, but it ended up very serious! 

SHIN:Yes.  I used to do like this (mimed a tea ceremony move).

◆Did you like tea ceremonies? 

SHIN:Not really! (Laugh) 

◆Have you ever had any part time jobs? 

SHIN:Handing out flyers. When I was a junior high school student, I had this part time job. 

◆What did you learn from the job experience? 

SHIN:I was very tired and I learned that it is hard to earn money. 

◆Since you used to handle out flyers, If you see other people handling out flyers on the street, are you nice and keep the flyer? 

SHIN:Yes, exactly! I can't just toss the flyer because I know that the person can't go home until he finishes handling out all the flyers. 

◆How did you feel when Cross Gene debuted?

SHIN:I felt great! I was a trainee for 4 to 5 years so I thought finally I could debut! 

◆When you were are a trainee, did you think about quitting ? 

SHIN:Only once, when many of my trainee friends quit all at once, I thought about it but I still had the Cross Gene members with me so I could continue going. 

◆How did you think about acting in a TV drama? 

SHIN:There are many things that are important, but I think my own experience is very important as well. I still don't have much experience, so I still have a lot to learn.  Since I don't have many experiences, I can't play cool characters. Because I'm a singer, I can play a singer's character without any problem, but it is hard to act as a character that I have never experienced. I have to have better imagination and more experiences, so I want to try many things. 

◆Do you like your voice? 

SHIN:I hate my voice!

◆You hate your voice?

SHIN:I wish my voice was sexier. I like a husky voice but my voice is clear so I don't like it.  

◆What was the happiest moment in your music carrier? 

SHIN:Live performances. All of them. I can't forget any of them. I can hear my fans cheering for me and they always give me power, so I think I'm a very happy person. 

◆What made you want to study Japanese so hard? 

SHIN:I don't have any special reason. I learned Japanese just like playing with it. 

◆But you have passed the Japanese language test. Did you study hard? 

SHIN:Well, the second level was easy for me. (Laugh) I passed it after I studied only a month. I received full scores in listening section but I hardly passed character section. 

◆What is your ideal image of a leader? 

SHIN:I think a leader is the person who always stands behind the other members. Leaders can be different in every group, but for me, as the leader of Cross Gene, I think I want to be a leader who can support the members and make them laugh when they are having a hard time instead of standing in front of them and ignoring their unique characters. I think it is important to support them from behind as a leader of Cross Gene. 

◆How did you feel when you heard you were cast in a Sentai drama? 

SHIN:Well, when I went to 12 cramming schools, I had a really hard time. But I did it anyway for my mother. About that time, I used to watch Sentai shows on TV in my free time so I have been a Sentai fan for long time. Before I decided to be a singer in Korea, I started collecting magazines and DVDs about Sentai in Japan. I am very thankful and it is my honor to be on a show that I have been a fan of. When I met the heroes at the filming location, I felt like I had become a kid again and I was very happy. 

◆Who is your favorite hero? 

SHIN:I like Nin Nin Jar the most now. I am his friend and a supporter! Oh and also, I have been singing the theme song for "Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger" since I was little, like "♪Shu Shu To Sanjou! (Here I come!)♪ When I told  Sang Min that I had been cast on Sental, he remembered I always sang this song and he sang "♪Shu Shu To Sanjou! (Here I come!)♪ (Laugh). So I said "why do you know this song?" and he said "because you always sing this song, it's stuck in my head too (Laugh). 

◆What is your favorite transformation pose? 

SHIN:At the filming location, the actor for Gaoreddo from "Hakujuu Sentai Gaoranger" showed me the transformation pose. It is my favorite!

◆What is your next goal in your career? 

SHIN:It has been about four years since I debuted in Korea and I have been through a lot. I still like to be in a spotlight. I want to be famous and I want everybody to know my name, but the most importantly, I want Cross Gene to be successful. 

◆Ok, here is the last question for you. Please tell us what kind of person SHIN really is?

SHIN:Ditto from Pokemon (*one who can transform and be flexible), I think it is a great answer (Laugh).

After the interview, Shin smiled and said, "I haven't spoken very much like this for long time!"


Cross Gene will release a new song "Love & Peace" on October 7. 

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