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Yang Hyun Suk Denies Claims That YG Entertainment Is A 'Public Enemy' In Interview

By Staff Writer | September 01, 2015 10:16 AM EDT

YG Entertainment is anything but a public enemy, says the company's head Yang Hyun Suk in his latest interview.

On August 31, the Korea Joongang Daily published a lengthy interview with YG Entertainment's founder and lead producer Yang Hyun Suk. Throughout the interview, Yang discussed several topics, including the company's public image.

Yang addressed YG Entertainment's reputation as a "public enemy" due to its numerous achievements and promotional schedules.

"I don't understand why people describe the company as a public enemy," Yang began. "In fact, we have often been embroiled in controversy for directly confronting popular music groups by releasing records at similar times."

The YG figure went on to explain that the label spends the least time out of all Korean entertainment agencies promoting on music programs.

"We believe that as long as the content itself is powerful it will soon become widespread through various means such as YouTube."

Yang also expressed his hope that YG Entertainment will do well internationally, by putting "more effort into creating better content."

"I guess musicians of other entertainment companies are given more opportunities because YG's artists don't often appear on the shows," he added.

The interview also included Yang discussing YG Entertainment's relationship with the Korean channel SBS and several other topics. Yang compared his relationship with his artists to that of a father and his children.

"Even though I love and respect every single member of YG, I believe it is also important to keep some distance from them," he said. 


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