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Fans Reveal Pros And Cons Of Girls' Generation Composing Their Own Songs

By James Buhain | September 07, 2015 09:59 AM EDT

The ladies of Girls' Generation revealed that they enjoy composing their own songs, even though their record label, SM Entertainment, rejects them. 

During filming for KBS 2TV's music talk show Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, the members of Girls' Generation revealed the desire to compose their own songs.

To their disappointment, however, passion and talent to compose their own songs doesn't seem to be enough for their agency, SM Entertainment, as the record label has been rejecting the members' songs.

Fans of the long-running K-pop girl group have taken to the internet to weigh in their opinions of why SM Entertainment is rejecting the members' attempts at creating their own music.

"Haven't they already participated in writing lyrics for their albums? Composing's harder so I'm sure they can keep trying and add them in as extras in their albums," wrote one fan, as translated by Netizenbuzz.

Some fans pointed out that one member, Tiffany Hwang, did compose a song for the group titled "Bittersweet & Crazy."

"They have enough experience, I wish SM would let them promote more freely," wrote another fan in support of the group's efforts to branch out.

While there are many supporters, other online commenters have sided with SM Entertainment in holding Girls' Generation back from creating their own music. 

Commenters said things like, "They must be really bad if even SM is rejecting them," and "Because you guys don't have the skills for it."

Girls' Generation are currently doing their second round of promotions this year for the single titled "Lion Heart," the follow-up to their hit summer single "Party."

Members Tiffany and Taeyeon also recently announced plans to release their own solo albums later this year.

Tiffany; "Bittersweet & Crazy"

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