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Review: GOT7 Unveil An Edgier Sound And Image On Their New Single 'If You Do' [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | October 02, 2015 11:10 AM EDT

"If You Do," GOT7's debut single from the K-pop boy band's "Mad" EP was released on Wednesday and introduces a new style for the JYP Entertainment boy band.

Drawing on '80s synth, electronic dance music (EDM) and Korean power ballads, the song and accompanying music video move GOT7 away from the pristine image previously associated with the group, offering up a more mature, dark pop sound.

At first glance, "If You Do" appears like it wouldn't suit GOT7, whose most recent songs like "Just Right" and "Stop Stop It" have been bouncy, colorful songs.

The tune is reminiscent of songs by the group's JYP Entertainment labelmates 2PM or Cube Entertainment's own chart-topping boy band BEAST. But the members of GOT7 takes ownership of "If You Do" with vocal harmonies and musical styles that they haven't been able to express in many of their dance tracks to date.

Beginning slowly with synthesizers and strings, GOT7 sets the dark tone immediately for an angsty tune about heartbreak and melancholy. Bass and steady drumbeats echo the 70's dance influences that JYP Entertainment has introduced into its K-pop sound as of late, such as with Wonder Girls' "I Feel You."

Yet, a string of EDM rifts throughout "If You Do" keeps the song feeling very much in the here and now, providing depth to the song and keeping "If You Do" from becoming just another K-pop dance ballad. 

The most interesting element of "If You Do," other than the complete change-up in music style for GOT7, is the English language bridge, which introduces a female voice into the mix before the song builds into the final rendition of the intense, angry chorus.

While "If You Do" is clearly a departure for GOT7, the song appears to have been well received by fans, with the music video for "If You Do" garnered almost 3 million views within four days of being released.

This fan can only hope that the song's warm reception will lead this promising group to take even more chances in the future.

Watch the music video for the new GOT7 single "If You Do" RIGHT HERE

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