Hwang Jung Min’s Performance Inspires Gdragon

By Joan MacDonald | April 12, 2013 12:03 AM EDT

In G-Dragon's first Star Column, he writes about his thoughts and experiences during his solo world tour. He also writes about what inspires him. One of those inspirations is the performance by actor Hwang Jung Min in the film "New World."

"I get many inspirations from movies," said Gdragon. "Few days ago I watched the movie "New World."

Gdragon met the actor at the MAMA awards and they exchanged numbers. Because of busy schedules, they could not contact each other that often. However, Hwang invited Gdragon to his movie preview. Gdragon had to watch the film at the theater because of scheduling conflicts but he really liked it.

"In return, I invited Hwang Jung Min sunbae to my concert and I'm very happy to hear that he enjoyed it," said Gdragon in his column.

He was fascinated with the gangster character played by Hwang in the film and tried to explain that fascination by saying, "I don't really feel attracted to people who are cool and normal. Can I say this? I feel attracted to gangster-like things."

While he admits that some people might think his fascination with the underworld is weird, the singer said that, "On stage, I do gangster-like expressions and gestures without even knowing. Even when I watch movies, I like the bad guys and enjoy watching the stories where their character comes alive."

There are plenty of bad guys in "New World, directed by Park Hoon Jong. The film, which also stars Lee Jung Jae and Choi Min Shik is a gangster crime drama, in which a police officer tried to infiltrate the mob. Hwang plays the second-in-command guy in a mob syndicate. Hwang has appeared in dozens of movies and theater productions, including musicals.

Gdragon is not the only one who enjoyed his performance and the film. It was number one in the Korean box office for four weeks, with an audience of 350,000. The film was so popular that fans asked for a prequel.

GO USA Entertainment picked up the film for US distribution. American reviewers cited its impeccable production values. According to one review on, the film "very slowly weaves its tale of corruption, power, and loyalty. It's an endurance test, albeit a gorgeous one, with a satisfactory payoff in the end."

The review also mentioned how stylish the gangsters were.

So, if you have any problems with Gdragon looking and acting all "gangsta," part of the blame could go to Hwang Jung Min.

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