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‘Walking Dead's’ Norman Reedus Never Wanted To Act Again? Almost Didn’t Become Daryl Dixon?

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | October 15, 2015 01:34 PM EDT

"Walking Dead" fans may have known a different Daryl Dixon if Norman Reedus pushed through with his apparent plans to never act again.

In an interview with Details recently, the Daryl Dixon actor admitted that back in 2005, he felt he won't be able to maintain his "accidental acting career" after he figured in a car accident.

"I was thinking, I'll never act again," he revealed after the incident. "It's over."

As reported by Yahoo! TV back in 2013, Reedus had to undergo multiple operations after the car he was riding in Germany got hit by an 18-wheeler.

But in 2014, he told GQ magazine that the accident was not the sole reason he thought twice about fully pursuing acting.

"I had been in a few films where I thought we were going in this direction and then, after the editing and the music and it's put together, it was sort of going in a different direction I didn't feel so connected to," he explained back then. "And I was kinda like: This isn't really what I signed up for."

"Before [becoming an actor] I kind of just wanted to paint and live somewhere and do something low-key and artistic," he added.

"Walking Dead" though came along for Norman Reedus but it was still not a walk in the park. He admitted he almost didn't get cast in the series as the role he auditioned for in 2010 was already filled.

"I was like, 'Just get me in the room. I'll go in and do a guest spot,'" he shared as quoted by Design & Trend.

He didn't get a guest spot but a regular role instead. He was offered the Daryl Dixon role that showrunners specifically created for him.

Five years later, Norman Reedus' role in the TV series has become a massive hit. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, fans went wild during the "Walking Dead" season 6 premiere in New York last week when he entered Madison Square Garden in a motorcycle.

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