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IU Unveils Album Cover For 'CHAT-SHIRE'

By Kevin Fox | October 21, 2015 01:14 AM EDT

IU looks more mystical and fantastic than ever as her comeback is just around the corner.

On October 21st, the cover image for IU's fourth mini-album "CHAT-SHIRE" was released through official channels. The image was supposed to be released on the 23rd, but it happened to be released early instead. 

So far, video teasers for three songs have been revealed - "Shower", "New Shoes", and "Zeze." Through these videos, IU has teased viewers with a sneak peak of what's to come and given us a glimpse into how her new sound and personal style has developed over the past year.

Nearly a year and a half has passed since her last album, "A Flower Bookmark," was released. 

In the cover image, IU's hair is spread out above her head similar to in the 'Zeze' teaser, resembling a tree full of leaves. In her hair lie a myriad of fantastical images that appear to fit into the mysterious map teaser image that she released a few days ago. The teaser video for "CHAT-SHIRE"'s title song, "23", will be released on October 22nd at midnight. The full album will be available for purchase on the October 23rd.

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