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U.S. Hip-Hop Star Releases New Song, 'Gettin' Dumb' Featuring Girl Group 2NE1

By Staff Writer | April 17, 2013 10:46 AM EDT

U.S. Hip-Hop Star Releases New Song, 'Gettin' Dumb' Featuring Girl Group 2NE1
U.S. Hip-Hop Star Releases New Song, 'Gettin' Dumb' Featuring Girl Group 2NE1 (Photo : d)

Girl group 2NE1 featured in U.S. Hip-hop star's new song, "Gettin' Dumb" and was released yesterday.

This new song is a part of's second solo album, #willpower, and was released online through YouTube and other sites. This song features a strong beat and also features a Black Eyed Peas member as well.

YG Entertainment stated, "2NE1 will be showing off a different music style from their normal concept."'s official release date for his album is April 23. Aside from 2NE1, other artists such as Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and other top stars will be featured as well.

2NE1 and first met each other in 2010 and continued to work together musically. They also worked together to release "We'll Take the World On" for the 'Ultrabook Project' by Intel.

The collaboration between 2NE1 and was much anticipated by fans from all over the world.This song features a mix of different genres and shows off a more explicit side to the group as well.

Member Bom's R&B style voice works well with the main melody of the song while CL rocks out her amazing rapping skills.

This song goes from a R&B style chorus and suddenly switches it up to a dub step style house tune.

Black Eyed Peas member is also featured in the song as well.

With this album releasing on April 23, it seems that it is now time for 2NE1 to make a comeback soon as well.

Last year, 2NE1 completed their global tour, 'NEW EVOLUTION' and is now currently working on their new album.

Listen to the song here:

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