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GI (Global Icon) Boyish Image Gains Attention, 'Cool Rather than Beautiful'

By Staff Writer | April 22, 2013 07:39 AM EDT

Since making their official debut earlier this month with the single "Beatles," Global Icon (known simply as GI), have been making headlines - not for their music, but rather for their unique style and group concept.

GI is being markets as a sort of anti-girl group girl group with a masculine attitude and style that are shockingly different from the overly cute and feminine concept utilized by many other female K-Pop groups. The tomboy appearance was initially meant to separate the ladies from the rest of the herd, giving them something unique to offer fans and also showcase their talents aside from just an attractive appearance and singing ability. Because they are not mandated to short skirts and super high heels, the members of GI are able to show off their powerful dance moves which far more resemble the choreography of their male idol counterparts rather than the other girl groups on the market.

Before the official debut of Global Icon, their label, Simtong Entertainment, released a statement explaining the reasoning behind the boyish look of the group saying, "We're going to be different from the cute and sexy girl groups that come out almost once every week with our music and style."

All of the members recently agreed, according to the Donga Ilbo, that for them, it is a bigger compliment for people to call them "cool" rather than "beautiful."

In other recent interviews the GI ladies have come forward saying things like "we are real men" and that they want to increase their muscular bodies to resemble model-actor Julien Kang. And it is comments like these that have gained a lot of negative attention from netizens over the past few days. It seems that while many are intrigued by Global Icon's agency's approach in marketing their latest addition to the K-Pop music world, a lot of people have been turned off by the masculine concept calling it "overdone" and "fake."

All across the internet people wondering who is GI's intended fan base. The raw, cutting-edge style and ambiguous gender norms make it difficult for fan girls and fan boys to get on board and the tomboy concept confuses both the older and younger generations.

Some netizens have gone as far as to suggest that it will only be a matter of time before the ladies of Global Icon ditch their boyish looks for dresses and heels instead.   

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